India-UN Development Partnership Fund – 2021 Report

This site provides a glance of the key features of the India-UN Fund and its 2021 activities.

The full report is available here.

The India-UN Fund forms partnerships with developing countries to advance humancentric sustainable development across the world. It supports projects that advance all Sustainable Development Goals through South-South cooperation approaches.

It is implemented by the United Nations System, coordinated through the United Nations Office of South-South Cooperation.

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Historically, India has prioritized cooperation over conflict, coexistence over competition, sharing over receiving and shared prosperity over zero-sum notions of growth. For this reason, for India, cooperation with fellow developing countries and the sharing of its development experiences with them as an expression of solidarity constitute an axiom.

At a Glance

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Commonwealth window

Geographic Focus

The vast majority of India-UN Fund projects are implemented at the country level, since they respond to requests by national governments. The Fund also supports multi-country projects to address transboundary challenges, including, for example, to enhance climate resilience capacities in seven Pacific Island States, making implementation more impactful through the broader regional reach.

SDGs most directly addressed by India-UN Development Parnership Fund

Guiding Principles

Enable United Nations System South-South Action

Twelve UN agencies, funds and programmes are currently implementing India-UN Fund projects. Through this unique partnership with the UN system, the Government of India is able to leverage the comparative advantages of the UN, particularly its worldwide presence, and its wealth of normative, thematic and programmatic experience. Through this partnership, the Fund is pleased to also support the multilateral system, its 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, and shared commitments and instruments to leave no one behind.


The India-UN Fund supported 15 countries through a broad range of interventions: social protection programmes and cash transfers, digitalization in schools and education, economic stabilization and digital solutions for micro- and small enterprises, and purchases of medical, health and personal protective equipment amounting to $13 million.